Sewers Monster

Sewers Monster

Valentina Verdaguer López
by valentinaverdaguer on 13 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My name is Valentina Verdaguer and I'm a 3D Artist. I graduated this January at FX Animation and this is the enemy from my final project I've done for my Master Degree. I really enjoy horror and fantasy games an movie, so my last project must be about this topic. Here I present the main enemy. Thanks for looking!

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The terror of the sewers (Real-time)

I am a big fan of horror games, so I decided to create one as my Final Project for my Master degree. I especially love monsters and creatures, and this was the most exciting part for me to create. The monster design is original from me, but I was following references that I like.

This are some of the refrences I've used to create the sewers monster.

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