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Environments and Assets - Collection

Environments and Assets - Collection

María Martínez
by mariamt95 on 29 May 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Welcome to my Rookies 2021 entry! In this post I would like to showcase the art projects I have been working on during the year 2020-2021.

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Hi! My name is Maria Martinez, I am a graphic designer and nowadays aspiring environment artist from Sevilla, Spain. I am currently studying my second year of the Bachelor of Digital Arts and Entertainment with a mention in Game Graphics Production at Howest, in Belgium. Personally, I have been extremely passionate about video games since I can remember, just the fact of being able to create my own worlds and seeing them come to life was my main motivation to pursue a career in environment art creation.

[UE4] Environment Level Art - Vault

This was an environment scene I created from the concept art of Darek Zabrocki The Vault. I used a combination of my own assets made in 3dsMax/Zbrush and Substance Painter, some assets from Quixel Megascans, and a rock material created in Substance Designer for the walls on the background.  It was rendered in real time in Unreal Engine 4.  This scene helped me to boost my compositional and lighting skills in order to create an appealing scene with an eery mood.

Sci-Fi [UE4] Modular Environment

This was my end of semester project of Environments Course at DAE Howest. I designed a playable scifi level following the modular workflow, starting from designing the concept of the scene, then making a solid blockout in Unreal Engine, modeling all the modular pieces in 3dsMax and creating the trimsheet texture in Substance Painter/Substance Designer. I finally added everything together in Unreal, as well as making an interesting lighting and also creating some materials in Unreal Engine and Substance Designer.  This was my first environment made in Unreal Engine 4, and it really was an amazing learning journey. I was able to experiment with lighting and composition, and I got familiar to the modular game asset workflow by creating all the meshes on the scene by myself.

[UE4] Archviz Light Study

This project was a lighting study in order to get comfortable with day/night lighting in UE4. I created an archviz composition in Unreal Engine 4 using free market assets to speed up the process, and I played around with the lighting settings in order to get a morning light scene, an afternoon light scene and a night light scene.  It was a great opportunity to learn more about baked and dinamic lighting plus composition in order to be able to create a cozy scene.

Japanese shotgun Thunder - Weapon 3D Model

As a personal project, I decided to try improving my modeling and texturing skills by creating a shotgun. It was modeled in 3ds Max and Zbrush, texturized in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3 as part of a porfolio practice trying to achieve a stylised PBR-style. This shotgun is based on the concept art by Ace Zheng in Artstation.

Ricatech PR85 80 's Radio Cassette PBR Modeling

 I recreated a vintage radiocasette for a project at school as another opportunity of improving my PBR-texturing skills. The low poly and high poly models were made in 3ds Max and Zbrush, all the textures were created with Substance Painter and it was rendered in Marmoset Toolbag.

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