Dorian Robert - Digital compositor

Dorian Robert - Digital compositor

Dorian Robert
by dorianrobert on 31 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

My entry to the Rookies awards 2021

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Hi !

My name is Dorian Robert. I recently graduated from Artfx School with a digital directing master where my work has focused on different compositing skills. I like to share and extend my knowledge with other artists to improve projects as far as possible.

Working in the VFX industry is a childhood dream. My studies at ARTFX have made this dream comes true and today I have the possibility of joining studios that make dreams peoples with their movies. Here is my demoreel to understand a little more who I am and what I do as a digital compositor

My graduation film: The Depths

During more than one year my team and I worked on our short movie at ARTFX. I did half of the compositing on the film.

Here is the movie, the making-of and some still of my compositing work.

Lighting: Victor Martinez & Antoine Legros
FX: Zakaria Bouamama
Animation: Stanislas Vincent
Compositing: Jordan Laiking & Dorian Robert

Some personal projects

Below a little car chase where I did the layout, the animation, the lighting and the compositing.

for the next project, I found a plate on the website and I did the tracking, the matte painting, the camera projection and the compositing to create an environment inspired by The Middle-earth.

For the next project, I also found a plate on The goal of this project was to do some keying and rotoscopy to integrate 2D elements in the city.

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