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DripperZ League

DripperZ League

DripperZ League is a New3dge student graduation project made by a team of 5 girls : The Peach Factory!

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Dripperz League is an online 4v4 FPS game.

It is a violent futuristic paintball in which you compete in a 10 to 20 minutes game.

In order to win, you and your teammates have to be the first ones to fill the team HUD gauge. To do so, you must aim and successfully shoot at the targets carried by your opponents.

The skills required to succeed in this game are obviously your ability to aim, to help each other out as a team, and to navigate intelligently in the environment to reload your weapons, set up strategies and crush the enemy team.

The players fighting in the Dripperz League are combining a Futuristic and Street style. They all have a different gameplay with special skills that will spice your game up.

Dripperz League is a game about contrast, which is embodied by its setting and characters. The Arena, based on Paris, combines Haussmannian architecture, its signature ornaments and charming facades with sci-fi inspired props. But don't be fooled by this cute and colorful replica of Paris : This is a competitive experience where every player has one goal : winning.

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