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Rebelway FX Challenge
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Rebelway FX Challenge

Nagapavan Kumar Kompella
by pavan on 21 Mar 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Thank you Rookie, Rebelway and SideFx Houdini, for making this Valuable Opportunity to do vfx shot for beginners. I have Explored and learned new things in Houdini, created tools, and understood workflows. and I will strive further in my fx journey. One thing I understood is dedication, all done in Houdini

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Update - 15 Apr 2021

this can be useful to refracture the fracture pieces those got the problematic pieces and combine back with the other pieces(time saver)

or just skip refracturing and keep the swapped piece of the previously fractured piece that has the same name to the current fracture

this will only work when the name is assigned for ever fracture level with a separator and has access to the fracture level piece that needs to be swapped back.

this can be used creatively to swap pieces of a group of previous fracture pieces with current fracture pieces.

video subtitles, Hello Guys, this is tool demonstration of unshared edges swap tool. lets have a look, so take a look at the unshared edges, we have 16, number of pieces we have4 34k, so unshared edges pieces have been swapped back to the previous fracture piece and 4k pieces has been reduced, lets take a look at the name attribute so this is the swapped piece name, and this is the secondary fracture pieces name swapped piece dont have the secondary fracture name, we can restore that with a dummy name and it will reduce conflict down further the road in clustering so that is it thank you guys

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Update - 15 Apr 2021

Thank you Rookie, Rebelway and SideFx Houdini,  for making this Valuable Opportunity to do vfx shot for beginners. I have Explored and learned new things in Houdini,  created tools, and understood workflows.  and I will strive further in my fx journey. One thing I understood is dedication, 

In my final render I have used restpos with camera space for the ground render to get the shake, experimented. due to time constraints for me I have rendered with low settings(other than res 1280 600) to be able to submit final version. this is my first shot if considered as a fx shot :)

I noticed some flaws in my renders, I will be improving from them.

during the contest while I am working I have got a thought to replace the previous fractured piece with next fractured piece(which are unshared/non manfold). I have started the vex code and created this code and this works perfectly

Idea is to use when ever large fracture is done but have less number of problematic pieces to swap them to previously fracture piece shared same name.

first implemented inside the custom Boolean fracture I have created a hda for that just to share with community, but due to contest time running, I am not able share in detail of some of my work done during the contest

I will be sharing the hda in sidefx orbolt asset browser soon

here are snap shots of the code and hda

Update - 15 Apr 2021

Final render, I was out of time to do revisions on my renders, and also I rendered only 201 frames skipped 50 frames of the sim to be able to submit with in time. I see spilling through the edges of the pieces , probably due to unwanted hole out used on bg render, I will check later to see no hole out on bg render can fix that.

Update - 12 Apr 2021

Current full RBD Sim Result, creature tail wiggle created bg pieces rise up towards the end , I think 🤔 it would nice to keep the bg mountians in nxt sim to interact to the bg pieces, will do it if have the time, 

Update - 12 Apr 2021

Change in split sim divisions. due to lack of constraints continuity in my last split division(2nd to 3rd), it was doing as shown below now. now it has constraint continuity.

cluster composition  of one group named cluster head left. all others have similar with 10% varying  from one to other on larger and blend sizes. 

Update - 11 Apr 2021

Split sim: top part. memory for all pieces to sim at a time got strucked at 121 frame, and so I am taking split sim. i am feeling it a bit of even clustering all over, I will try to make some more changes in clustering composition

Update - 10 Apr 2021

Rolling Clusters

Update - 10 Apr 2021

Rolling Clusters

Update - 10 Apr 2021

I am doing update snapshots while siming in bg suddenly Houdini got crashed. but the cpu and memory are still using  as it is siming and I got know at this point hbatch is still running the sim. my first experience of hbatch   fact/feature.  this is also creating the sim checkpoints.  :)

Update - 10 Apr 2021

HYDRA Head Gap fix for sim.

I tried to fix the hydra before decompose but it caused multiple issue during point deforming. later with multiple attempts, of fix node tree  stream appending at different main stream locations. it worked worked well for me. node tree is done as shown above 

Update - 9 Apr 2021

max Pieces sim update. my final sim has 170k pieces in total, I understood that I was total out of control in piece count compared to pc can handle and its too late to change the count while I lose the sim look I achieved, by grouping  

the creature rise is a 2 part motion, I find this is tricky to keep the pieces stable in the pause. After several trail and errors in clustering and cons, I achieved consistency in pieces stability during the pause, by divided  the sim pieces into several groups and it helped in iterate the sim over quickly and helped in knowing what is going on precisely on which parts  of sim and keep continuity in working without long breaks.  combine sim is varying a little bit due to the combined cons(managing combined cons is helping), trying the values with grouped iterations keeping in mind is making easy to get closer .

here is my result in video and image is packed pieces  groups view I am divided and working 

Update - 30 Mar 2021

Primary sim. visual info is provided in video.

trying  to submit my final version

Update - 24 Mar 2021

for Apprentice version including  16 4*4 wedges is  tricky  since frame res is capped to 1280 720.

so, I clamped each of the wedge output/render camera res to smaller sizes(depending on no of wedges sizes vary) instead of full size.

I pretty much like2, 5,  14wedges and will choose one of them for further sims.

Update - 23 Mar 2021

Update 2 RBD sim, tried different variety of  constraint group combinations and sop solver play through here is the result.

Update - 21 Mar 2021

Rebelway FX Challenge : Update 1

since Feb 25 I am gone through trail and errors for the base ground for RBD like with chopping ground to get base or go with selection of block around the creature, I am came across interesting results and limitation and two of them are limited size of my ram/memory ,knowing the scene scale. Later I managed the piece size ratio to scene scale  ratio, pieces speed, size, sticking pieces to creature. Looking forward to complete the shot and possibly trying to do one more shot.