Real Time Game Ready Environment- Old Palace; Forest Ground Tileable Texture

Real Time Game Ready Environment- Old Palace; Forest Ground Tileable Texture

Saurav Palliyil
by sauravpalliyil on 18 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

These material ground project was made as personal project, while the environment was part of a 3-week course done at Gnomon. These projects helped me to understand more about environments and material creation in depth. Both were made with game development in mind and both can be used for modern day games.

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This is a real time render of an old palace environment. My main focus was on the style which was based on the Persian architecture; which uses lots of limestone and marble. I wanted to evoke different emotions through lighting and look and feel.

The base lighting used distance field soft shadows with ray tracing to get a more realistic look.

There was an extensive use of tileable texture and trim sheets, which was made out of marble/limestone combination. Also, the main purpose of making this environment was to learn and use modularity.

Parallax Occlusion Material was used for the ground floor. It was made entirely in Unreal Engine. A pattern was used to derive the base color for the floor with parameters plugged in for Pattern size, Pattern tiling, UV tiling, size, material attributes etc. This was one of the most challenging step for me as it took lots of trial and error to get the right look for the material. The end result was further plugged into a height blend node for enabling vertex painting for the material.

Forest Ground- Tileable Texture Material; Created as a personal project to study more about materials, zBrush and nature.

These were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. A complete reflective plane was used beneath the texture to give an effect of water for this render. 

The foliage on the ground were created using subtools as nanomesh in zBrush. Each piece of foliage was hand sculpted. with variety and poly-painted. The base for the overall ground was made in zBrush with each texture map exported from it to photoshop for final adjustments.

The base height map was generated from Substance Designer using the clouds noise blended with BnW spots node.

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