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Sacrilege of Samael
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Sacrilege of Samael

My entry for the contest!

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Update - 6 May 2021

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Update - 16 Apr 2021

Heey people what's up?? The project  is gradually improving. Today I bring you a series of retopologies and Uvs.

As none of the assets are going to be animated, many of them do not need manual retopology, so I only bring you some of the manual retouches that I found somewhat interesting. The characters don't need manual retopology either but it has been very good for me as a practice. 

And here you have some of the Uv's

Update - 3 Apr 2021

Alright, the main modeling is finished, I just have some details to finish and I start to improve the rocks.

I have also decided to center and give personality to the hero. At first this was going to be just a silhouette but I thought it wasn't going to work, and also this would force me to work too much on the textures.

I did some quick renders to see how it worked with the light.

Update - 1 Apr 2021

The main forms are in place, now all that remains is to improve everything that is there. 

Update - 26 Mar 2021

Hello again, I've improved the blocking, I still don't think it's in its best shape, so I might give it a spin.

Here I was playing around with the lights to see if they worked. 

Update - 19 Mar 2021

I have started to make some sketches with Zbrush. 

At the moment I don't want to worry about technical processes, I am looking for appeal and creativity.

Update - 17 Mar 2021

Hey I'm Dante.

 Welcome to my first contest entry. For the contest I have thought, as I like characters a lot, to make the whole environment revolve around one of them. In my first ideas I had thought that it would be a kind of statue or something similar, but I'm going to choose to make it have life. For the moment I've only created a quick sketch in photoshop because it's easier for me to work directly in Zbrush. I hope this work can also be useful for my character portfolio, being a character that can be put into a game. In a few days I will upload the blocking.  Principal concept by:

see you!