Alenka Project (Inspired by the Bloodshot Movie)

Alenka Project (Inspired by the Bloodshot Movie)

Hugo Bussiere
by hbussiere on 18 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

This project is based on the movie Bloodshot. The main goal was to create an entire full CG Hard Surface Character and make a cinematic final shot.

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Hi !

My name is Hugo Bussiere, Modeller & Texture Artist with programming skills recently graduated from ArtFX in Montpellier, France.

Today I will show you all the process of the creation of my Alenka Project based on the movie Bloodshot directed by Dave Wilson.

I will explain all the techniques I used during my creative process to achieve this result.

First, let me share with you the final video.

When I start a project, I always take some times to find what are the references I want to use to build my project. I always have been passionated about Robot, Mecha, Spaceships, weapons... And all the Sci-fi Hard Surface assets that have thousands of details.

When I discovered the movie Bloodshot, I loved the concepts and the look of all the mechanic assets. They have this "low poly" but still detailled look that I wanted to have on this project.

So I started making a moodboard of the character using some concepts from the movie and some concepts from other artists. This document guided me through the entire process.

Because these concepts were a huge source of inspiration for me, I want to give credit to the originals concept artists : "Weihao Wei" for the gun,  "Alex Senechal" for the grenade and "Tom Oates, Leri Greer, Dane Madgwick, Christian Pearce" for all the amazing concept of Bloodshot from Weta Digital ! (I'm sorry if I missed some names...)

I started doing the modeling in Maya. Because of the amount of detail in the models, I needed to be very careful about the polycount (and also because I don't have an extremely powerful machine).

I also worked with ZBrush and Marvelous Designer for the clothes.

Once the Model was ready, I started doing the UVs. I needed to know which asset gonna be textured in Substance Painter and wich assets gonna be textured directly in Maya. 

I used Substance Painter on the Assets that needed extra decals like the Gun and the Helmet.

For the texturing I also used my own personnal script HShader to texture easily some of the assets. This script is a simple Arnold 5 Shader library. These shaders are shaders that I made one day and with the help of this script, I was able to use them again on this project. Some of the shaders are completely procedural, using aiCurvature or aiAmbientOcclusion nodes for example.

I used this script to texture the Grenade, the suit, the clothes and the arms of the character.

Once the model and the lookdev was ready, it was time for rigging the character. And I have to admit, I don't have lot of skills in rig...

So I used the Mixamo autorig that allows me to create a first rig automatically. Then I needed to choose a character animation. I wanted a subtle character animation, to show that the character were confident, just like if he was protecting something.

I imported the rig in Maya and changed all the hard surface skin weight to make sure that the metallic part were not deforming regarding to the rig and the animation. Then I added the gun and moved slightly the animation curves so that the hand are holding the gun perfectly.

For the rendering I used Arnold with a simple lighting (Back Light and Dome Light with HDRI). The main goal was to achieve something very contrasted and also feel a bit of Sci-fi vibe. I also made some small flashing lights on the helmet to bring a bit more life and add credibility to the "mechanic" feel of this character. 

Then I made the compositing inside Nuke and added some camera realistic filters like Grain, Color Correction, Lens Effects and Chromatic Aberration to give a better cinematic look. I wanted a slightly blue tint in the shot.

To finish, I added some sound design to the final sequence to bring a bit more life in the shot.

And that's it !

I hope you find it interesting. Feel free to contact me if you have any question regarding my work.

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