The Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar

Joshua Adam Steyn
by angrybear on 17 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

A game environment developed over 6 weeks and produced in Unreal engine. This was a project to design and create a courtyard using professional practices from the games industry. This project was for the space to be influenced by Crimean designs and architecture, while having newer Sci-Fi influence.

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This Project was a collaboration between multiple artists to design and develop a Sci-Fi courtyard. many inspirations were taken from games like Destiny 2 from Bungie and Anthem from Bioware. Taking these design philosophies and fusing them with the cultural architecture and design of rural Crimean architecture.

Our aim was to create a space in which a player could feel invited and warmed in with the environment having a hot locale imprinted into the design of the architecture seen in rural Crimea. Our goal was to embody these facets of design and incorporate them into the environment, both new and old.

Each team member that worked on the project put in a lot of effort to bring the scene to the forefront of what we could achieve, making the scene feel alive and lived in with moving elements and real time effects. We are proud of the work we managed to produce, with a good range of color theory and lighting composition to tie the whole scene together.

The team worked extremely hard to make use of techniques we haven't had many experiences with, taking time to implement them seamlessly with the rest of the assets and developed scene. In the end our Goal was to create a beautiful environment, and we believe we have achieved just that.

Thank you for taking the time to view our project :) 

A huge Thank you to the team, you can find their portfolios here:

Joshua Steyn (Art Director/Props) -

William Bradley (Environment/Level Designer) -

Mohammed Safa (Environment/Producer) -

Emanuele Alimandi (Props & Lighting Artist) -

Alice Hughes (Foliage & Material) -

Byron Dula (VFX) -

Giacomo Morbioli (Props) -

Bruno Estevez (Props) -

Richard H (Props) -

Stefanos Georgiou (Props) -

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