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Cnoc - An Alien World
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Cnoc - An Alien World

Cnoc is a distant plant, characterized by its rolling hills and swirling curled vegetation, sharp edges have been long eroded on this ancient planet. Our explorer looks out across the horizon trying to grasp a sense for the strange abundance of life here.

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Update - 17 Mar 2021

1st Update - Getting Started. Reference gathering and building the concept.

Before starting I think its best to take some time to get a pretty clear idea of the direction I want to go stylistically and try to create something unique and true to my own artistic inspirations.

I have found the imagery and concept work of Irish animation studio Cartoon Saloon breathtaking of late and something that speaks to me as an Irish artist. Some beautiful concept drawings I found by artist Hugo Moreno, are going to be a big jumping off point for me, I want my alien landscape to be strange in its rounded shapes and curved lines, his drawings evoke the kind of imagery. There's also a feel of the soft gentleness of the shire from Lord of the Rings . Bit of a hodge podge of references but I think all together I'm getting a better sense of the direction I want to take. I think a trick here will be to translate these beautiful stylized images into realistic interpretations of course not too real, this is an alien world after all!.

Above is a reference vision board at this early stage, none of the above images are my own, credit to those talented individuals. 

From here I am going to do some rough block-out try to get a better grasp of the shape of the landscape, when i know what that's going to look like I will move on to listing the assets I will need to populate it. 

I'm giving myself a time frame of roughly 6 weeks so we'll see how well I can stay on schedule.

Thanks Lovelies - stay tuned.

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Update - 17 Mar 2021

Cnoc - An Alien world

This will be my First post as I work through my submission project for the Rookies- World Of Real Time Discoveries Challenge! I am excited to get started. This will be my first large scale personal project, I am very excited to have the opportunity to flex my muscles and put my skills to work. I love environment art and love seeing creations come to life inside of real time engines.

I will be using Maya, Blender, Zbrush, Photoshop, Substance Painter and Designer for asset creation. I then Intend to take everything into Unreal engine and really bring it all together (and to life) there. 

Concept Artwork by Hugo Moreno -

 Gorgeous work endless inspiration here...