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World of Real-time Discoveries challenge
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World of Real-time Discoveries challenge

My first entry to the World of Real-time Discoveries challenge! I'm so exited! Hope you like it.

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Update - 9 Apr 2021

Hello everyone, today I made the skybox with photoshop and some cloud brushes. I have also added some stars to give it a more heavenly feeling.

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Update - 8 Apr 2021

Hii! I have made some tileables for some of the props and terrain of the environment.

Update - 7 Apr 2021

Hi there! Here is a new update on how the scenario is going. These days I have been doing the foliage of the environment, they are very simple but I like the result. I have used photoshop to draw them and blender to shape them.

Update - 24 Mar 2021

I have started to do the blocking to get an idea of ​​what objects I need and their disposition. Also to see the framing of the scene. It is just a simple blocking to start working.

 I hope you like it :)

Update - 17 Mar 2021

Hello everyone,

I'm Diana and this is my first time participating in a The Rookies contest (and actually doing a 3D enviroment as well). My world is based on the concept of an artist called Nesterovych Daria.

These are some of the references that I have been collecting to help me and inspire me to create my environment.
Soon I will upload another entry so you can see how my project evolves. I hope you like it!