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World of Real-time
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World of Real-time

This is my first big project as a student but I hope I can learn a lot on this project path. I have started organizing my ideas of how my scenario will be looking for references that will help me to develop the world.

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Update - 7 May 2021

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Update - 24 Apr 2021

I have created all the vegetation that I am going to use in my scenery. I have created the vegetation in Photoshop and Blender. 

Update - 18 Apr 2021

The next step I have done is the creation of the stones and their textures. 

Update - 10 Apr 2021

I have started to realize the water of the fountain as in the ocean through Unity.

Update - 4 Apr 2021

The next process I have done is to get the Uvs out of the project so I can start texturing each object I am going to use in my scenery.

Update - 28 Mar 2021

I have passed the Blockout that I had in 3DMax to incorporate it in Unity3D. I feel that it is not going to be definitive since little by little I will incorporate things to the scenery that I believe that it can be well. 

Update - 23 Mar 2021

After looking for the references I started to create the Blockout in 3d Max. After this process I will take the scenery to be assembled in Unity.

Update - 16 Mar 2021

These are all the references I have chosen for my project