In a near future, a man is preparing for a run that could cost him his life. Jumping through portals, from film universe to film universe, he will undergo a series of trials. From a space battle to a zombie-infested city via a dense and dangerous jungle he will do everything to survive.

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Starring Mehdi Hadim

Digital Compositor / Editor / Colorist: Liliane CHU

Environment Artist / FX Artist: Marie-Solène MATHIEU

Environment Artist / Lighting & Rendering Artist / Digital Compositor: Angela MIKRUT

Character Artist / CFX Artist: Andrea OLOVCIC

Lookdev Artist / Lighting & Rendering Artist: Léa ROGET

3D Modeler / Crowd Artist: Eloi VIDAL

3D Animator: Xianhui WANG

Music & Sound Design: Thomas LANZA, Louis DEJEAN, Alexandre TOURNEUR

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