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3D Enviroment
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3D Enviroment

My goal is to make an unexplored planet. This is my first challenge and I'm sure I'm going to learn a lot.

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Update - 14 May 2021

Finally this is the result.

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Update - 12 May 2021

I recently made the last asset for the environment. It is a small cabin that I modeled in 3ds Max and texturized with a trim in Photoshop.

Update - 13 Apr 2021

Hi, a few days ago I finished the vegetation. Now I am going to get the house that I will put next to the river. If I have time I plan to make one more plant. But for the moment it is secondary.

The vegetation is modeled in 3DS Max and textured in Photoshop.

I have also done a small changes with the Post-process Volume.

These are my textures.

This is currently my enviroment

Update - 30 Mar 2021

Hello, since the last post I have advanced a little my enviroment. I put texture to the ground and I put around stones and rocks fallen from the wall. I also made a night skybox in photoshop and a stylized water shader with the shader graph.

Finally I made the grass and mushrooms in 3ds max and texturized them in photoshop. To make the mushrooms shine I put an emissive material on it and I think the result is interesting.

At the end of the environment I made a construction with the rocks of the walls and I put fog on it to give a feeling of distance. I still have to paint a big door for the construction and put more things around.

I still have to texturize and make more vegetation, when I have it all I will upload it.

If you want you can give me some feedback, it would help me improve and continue learning :).

This is the texture of the floor.

I upload the images of the water shader.

Update - 25 Mar 2021

Hello, I have been working on the surrounding stones for several days. The first row of stones are for the ground and the river and the large ones in the back for the walls. What I have done has been to mount them in several modules to make them walls and I have been putting them together in Unity until the current result of the photos.

Now I'll work in the vegetation. Little by little I will post the advances.

I also leave here the blockout that I did in 3DS Max some days ago.

Update - 16 Mar 2021

Hi, this is my first The Rookies challenge and I'm super excited and nervous, but hopefully I'll learn a lot through this! My main reference is a 3D enviroment by Christoffer Radsby (link to his artstation upload here but I'm not going to do it exactly like that. I'm going to do some variations and put some things that I like.

My main goal by the end of this is to learn and do something nice. I hope you like it.

I would also like you to give me some feedback to keep improving and learning.

These are some of my references.