3D Magical environment
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3D Magical environment

My first time participating in a challenge on therookies

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Update - 12 May 2021

Cinematic composition:

I decided to change the illumination for having a different look, and finally here's the result, five renders of my magical stage in day and night.

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Update - 4 Apr 2021

Update - 28 Mar 2021

The folliage that I've painted:

Making the vegetation in blender:

Tiled textures for stones, wood and the ground:

Update - 16 Mar 2021


Update - 16 Mar 2021

I am going to create a 3D environment in Unity, inspiring myself with different assets and trying to recreate the composition of this stage:

Some of the assets that I am going to be recreating:

Tiled textures and skybox reference