The planet Urd
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The planet Urd

This planet has a very light atmosphere that doesn't protect against the radiations and solar flares coming from the star.

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Update - 5 May 2021

Secondary lighting coming from the fireflies/mushrooms.

What's left to do:
-Baking the lighting
-Creating the camera for the final render

I really excited for post-prod because I recently downloaded DaVinci Resolve and will enhance all my renders with it.

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Update - 29 Apr 2021

Latest version of my project.

Adding more and more foliage and moving stuff around, layers by layers. I added particles like dust, fog and clouds to make the scene more dynamic and "lived in". A still image isn't the best way to show what it adds but when I go through the scene with my camera it looks great!

I'm really proud of what the project has become. I didn't know at first if I was going to make the dead line or even be able to create such a big environment, now I know I can.

What's left to do:
-Modeling and texturing the drop pod
-Modeling and texturing one last kind of plant
-Creating the camera path for the video render
-Tweak the lighting
-Bake the lighting for the static assets

The evolution continues.

Update - 23 Apr 2021

Latest version of The planet Urd.

I didn't find the "update" button until today, so I will start actually updating my entry instead of just updating my first post. Anyways, here's the evolution of my environment through out time.

I still have to make the cinematic and choose where the camera will start and go. I have an idea but I must explore a bit more to make sure it's an awesome render.

The lighting is okay but it still needs a couple of tweaks also the static assets (such as rocks, cliffs and the landscape) must be baked soon.

Update - 16 Mar 2021

This is my entry for the contest World of Real-time Discoveries.

I'm thinking of making a canyon that protects the vegetation inside of it. The reason is that the star shining on Urd is a red dwarf and it creates a lot of solar flares and radiations.

The evolution on my environment.