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The planet Urd
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The planet Urd

This planet has a very light atmosphere that doesn't protect against the radiations and solar flares coming from the star.

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Update - 14 May 2021

The Planet Urd

Final update of my project, this is the final submission.

The planet Urd orbits around a star that creates a lot of radiations and flares, because of that the vegetation can only exist in a canyon or under the umbrella of giant trees.

I'm very proud of what I've accomplished, I started thinking I wouldn't be able to go that far or finish it and well, I can say that I blew my low expectations out of the water!

I created almost the entirety of the assets. Some assets that were used come from these packs. They are either free or were free at some point on the Epic Games Marketplace:
- Chameleon Post Process
- Customizable Water Master-Material (Vertex Paintable)
- Environment Set
- Landscape Backgrounds
- M5 VFX Vol2. Fire and Flames
- Particles and Wind Control System
- Polar Sci-Fi Facility
- Megascan

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Update - 5 May 2021

Secondary lighting coming from the fireflies/mushrooms.

What's left to do:
-Baking the lighting
-Creating the camera for the final render

I really excited for post-prod because I recently downloaded DaVinci Resolve and will enhance all my renders with it.

Update - 29 Apr 2021

Latest version of my project.

Adding more and more foliage and moving stuff around, layers by layers. I added particles like dust, fog and clouds to make the scene more dynamic and "lived in". A still image isn't the best way to show what it adds but when I go through the scene with my camera it looks great!

I'm really proud of what the project has become. I didn't know at first if I was going to make the dead line or even be able to create such a big environment, now I know I can.

What's left to do:
-Modeling and texturing the drop pod
-Modeling and texturing one last kind of plant
-Creating the camera path for the video render
-Tweak the lighting
-Bake the lighting for the static assets

The evolution continues.

Update - 23 Apr 2021

Latest version of The planet Urd.

I didn't find the "update" button until today, so I will start actually updating my entry instead of just updating my first post. Anyways, here's the evolution of my environment through out time.

I still have to make the cinematic and choose where the camera will start and go. I have an idea but I must explore a bit more to make sure it's an awesome render.

The lighting is okay but it still needs a couple of tweaks also the static assets (such as rocks, cliffs and the landscape) must be baked soon.

Update - 16 Mar 2021

This is my entry for the contest World of Real-time Discoveries.

I'm thinking of making a canyon that protects the vegetation inside of it. The reason is that the star shining on Urd is a red dwarf and it creates a lot of solar flares and radiations.

The evolution on my environment.