Ghost in the Shell Fan art

Ghost in the Shell Fan art

Kim Kyoung Min
by Kkm01109 on 15 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi guys! This is Ghost in the Shell Fan art. Hope you like it! I textured all the props in Substance Painter and using photoshop. Rendered in Vray5 for maya.

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This was my lighting portfolio that I created during 5 days.

This project was inspired by film 'Ghost in the Shell'.

The mood and atmosphere I wanted to create was very similar to 'Ghost in the Shell's  scene, so I aimed for this to be my quality benchmark to work towards.

I focused on using self illumination, optical effects and making scifi atmosphere in night city's exterior light. 

I Hope you like it!

Thank you for watching.

This is Final Lighting Compositing.

Break down

Thank you for watching : )

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