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Kim Kyoung Min
by Kkm01109 on 15 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi guys! This is DC Aquaman Fan art and re lighting. Hope you like it! I textured all the props in Substance Painter. and using Vray5 for Maya.

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This was my very first scene for lighting portfolio that I created during 4 month.

This project was inspired by film 'Aquaman'.

The mood and atmosphere I wanted to create was very similar to 'Aquaman's under water scene, so I aimed for this to be my quality benchmark to work towards.

I focused on create caustics, fog, using scan data and optimizing the scene size.

I Hope you like it!

Thank you for watching.

This is Final Lighting Compositing.

This is Master Layer Render in Vray5 for Maya. 
I Participated in Lookdev, modeling, and Rendering. 

The expression of the movement of water was animated using a program that convert Video Sources made in After Effects to a Nomal map Source.
The Custics map was created using a Camera Projection Mapping  method,
and  Rain source is making in Octane for Cinema4D.  So, I can reduce the whole render time.

Break Down

Same camera position, Different concept lighting on the Same prap.
Re- Lighting Concept is Legend of The Treasure, and I created this scene having two keyword, Poseidon and Treasure. You can see more concept details in below attachment image.

Based on the above  concept, I proceeded with the Re - Lighting.

This is Final Compositing.

Re-Lighting Breakdown

Thank you for watching : )

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