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Spoopy - And More!

Spoopy - And More!

Kamilah Wong
by KamThings on 13 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

As a storyteller, I want to be able to make people laugh or cry with my work; I want to bring comfort to those who need it. My stories tend to talk about finding one's identity, home and a sense of belonging.

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Genres: Comedy, Slice of Life

Spoopy is a lighthearted story of four mismatched friends (a cute ghost, an anemic vampire, a lonely girl, and an animated stuffed rabbit) and their every day life together.

Rin is a cute ghost. She can't talk so she wears a bell and communicates through it. It can get annoying when she rings it continuously, but still gets ignored most of the time. She's the most sensitive and understanding one, often trying to mitigate arguments or give advice. She worries a lot about the others, Elise especially. She is most like a mother figure in the group.

Elise is a human twelve year-old girl, who was pretty much raised by the others. She's very quiet and expressionless, but feels lonely inside. She's unsure how to express herself, choosing to say nothing instead. She always carries her stuffed rabbit, Momo, with her no matter what.

Momo is a stuffed toy with a soul. Probably was used for Voodoo at some point. A lot older than anyone expects, having been passed from person to person but never stayed with anyone too long. He's been with Elise her entire life though, so he's fiercely protective of her and gets very violent with anyone who comes near her. He's still learning to ease up.

Rune is an anemic vampire. He's always tired and doesn't really care about anything. He tried to drink Elise's blood a few times but was beat up by Momo. Learned his lesson ever since and tries his best to steer clear of her. Elise is surprisingly attached to him though, and often climbs into his coffin to sleep with him. He acts like a hopeless and terrible older brother/parent. He sometimes gets bullied by Elise and Momo.

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