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Illusion Project - The Oak's Crystal

Illusion Project - The Oak's Crystal

Máté Válent
by jjampy on 13 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

Hi! I'm a first year student at IGAD (Breda University) and this was my first school project. I had about 2 months to create a scene in Unreal from scratch. The restrictions were: only handpainted textures no bigger than 2K maps, make a working illusion and we can only use our own assets.

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The short film was created using the sequencer in Unreal , after that I used Adobe Premier to add the music and make the transitions smoother and more appealing. The music is by  Lesley Barber - Menchester Minimalist Piano and Strings - Variation

This is was the original illusion concept given by the lecturers that we had to work with. The task was to match the camera angle and aperture and come up with and idea to make the illusion possible in 3D.

(we also had to fake shadows and light when necessary)

Cinematic shots from different angles:

These are my tiling textures. During the school project I wasn't allowed to use the Substance products for painting assets and creating textures. (However I often used Substance Designer to extract some maps after painting the Height map.) The Bark, Pavement and Wood texture were sculpted in Zbrush trial version, the rest was painted in Photoshop. 

Basically this was my first time creating vegetation and leafs in real-time. Here I created the color first and then extracted the rest of the maps. For the AO I added a little black stroke so there would be more depth.

I also inculed little branches and separate leafs to scatter around.

(Texture maps in order: Alpha, Color, Ambient Occlusion, Normal)

Two example texture sets: Windows and Lamps/Board/Rooster

I wasn't allowed to use maps bigger than 2K (for neither tiling textures nor texture maps) for this reason I had to come up with strange solutions, eg. cutting the tree into branches and a main trunk, for the main trunk I had to sculpt a uniqe texture since that was the main point of interest.

Unlit, Ambient Occlusion, Detai lighting

This is my layoutsheet for the scene and a PureRef file for extra reference. A quick paintover to explore options and ideas and I also gathered and connected some reference images to set a direction for myself to follow. In the end I gave up on the lanters because they didn't fit.

Thank you for reading and looking through my entry!:) Hope you enjoyed the breakdown!

... and a final image, so the whole oak is visible:)

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