Slay the Dragon!

Slay the Dragon!

Jonathan Amador
by Esmiond and lmfly on 8 Mar 2021 for Rookie Awards 2021

In "Slay the Dragon!", you play as Maj, who sets out on a journey to rescue her younger brother from the clutches of an evil dragon. To do so she must traverse fantastical landscapes, overcome mighty foes, and ultimately slay her nemesis.

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"Slay the Dragon!" is a 3rd year project from The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. It is an isometric hack and slash game inspired by old school adventure games and the Swedish countryside. Try it out for free on Steam!

Concept pieces provided by Simon Tosovsky

Poster illustrations made by Jonathan Amador and Lisbeth Möller Fly

Meet the crew! It took us approximately 9 months to finish our game, from inital pitch to finished product. To most of us it was the first game ever worked on.

Here is a short video showing the making of "Slay the Dragon!", containing moodboard, concept, RnD and turnarounds

Here is a playthrough of "Slay the Dragon!"However, we do recommend you experiencing the game first hand ;)

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