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FInal boss
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FInal boss

by sergiomlp on 26 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Cinematographic ingame scene; that one that u wait from all the game chapter.

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Update - 4 Mar 2021

Have had no time to work this week, but at this point will start to work on the first "jump" FX (now, start the video updates)

Have added the mouth glow, some body fire sores... that ones still on progress, need some fire going out, but will left that for later on. 

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Update - 26 Feb 2021

I've just started like 2 or 3 days ago; just setting up the scene and start placing some start points to work. I'll be working on Unity, so it will be a different pipeline.

this image is just the scene set up and some little fx on the hydralisk eyes. The only hard step for now have been work with alembic. As it can't be followeb i have to create a little script to keep the global vertex position tracking. As well, the rotation have to be done by set a look at from one vertex to other. The script allow to work on edit mode so set up particles, shader and meshes have to be easy now.

have set up the camera, shots and animations on a timeline. Now starts the hard work. I won't upload hand sketch so the idea could surprise you. For now i miss a little look and fell work on the scene, but it still on progress