Hidden Under The Ice
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Hidden Under The Ice

by Schmoke on 19 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

I am really excited to try out to learn new things and beat the challenges I will encounter. Trying my best in my free time and have lots of fun with that contest! I'll work most of the time with Houdini. If I have the time, I'll learn composition with nuke otherwise it going to be Premiere Pro.

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Update - 19 Feb 2021

The Next steps will be the hydralisk, making the proper fire and lava emissions for it. Right now it doesn't stop emitting lava from its headcap, looks like it is emitting hot gooey cheese :D. I have to make certain limitations for it.

So it took quite some time to get an idea about fluid simulations. I used a wavetank and whitewater to get a working fluid simulation. It needs tweaking to make it look very good, but these are the first steps and as it is right now, its alright. I did not have much time to let the sequence load to the end, my notebook took to long and I had to go.

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Update - 13 Feb 2021

I started yesterday with my first attempt to create the fractures for the ice. I failed. Today I customised my fracture node instead using the presets from wood, concrete or glass. using that link to get an understanding of it:


I think the result I created turned out really nice as seen below.

Another thing to make the monster interesting is, letting some lava run out from his skullplates.. or whatever he has there and see how the lava reacts with ice


As seen in the pictures, the melting ice creates steam and tries to escape through the lava which results in creating bubbles

I was looking up some footage of exploding ice from below with rising objects. I found not much but that guy who was putting a tire under a thick layer of ice and pumping it up until it explodes.


As the object explodes, it pushes the frozen layer of ice up, pressing air out and then water out as seen in those pictures below.

Some first ideas how the first scene should look like and the possible story around it:

Scene one:

A Monster breaks through ice and and heats himself up. The monsters „pikes“ crack through the ice as it stems its weights to stand up. Lava is running off his skull, fire raises from his eyes while screaming in anger. The icy floor gets covered in lava, forming bubbles. When he tries to attack the humanoid, he gets blocked. All liquids pouring down to the ground or that are already on the ground float around, disabling gravitation, while the humanoid casts his magic. The monster attacks again with his fiery pike as the humanoid jumps away.