Sasho Lazeski / Game focus

Sasho Lazeski / Game focus

Sasho Lazeski
by saleomkd on 14 Apr 2019 for Rookie Awards 2019

Hello everyone! Here is my collection of my favorite work consisting of characters, props, realistic sculpts and some environment work. Cheers!

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AKM Rifle

- 14k polys, game ready


- 16k polys, concept by NestStrix Studios

Bread Warrior

- highpoly version (lowpoly not ready yet), concept by GopGap


- 88k polys (needs optimization), concept by Johannes Helgeson

Joe's Diner Remake

- a personal remake I did of a horror game called Joe's Diner by VIS-Games.

Will Ferrell

- highpoly version (lowpoly may be done in the future)

Game Environment

- my personal version of a scene in the game "Swords and Shovels", concept by Billy Wimblett


- 95k polys (needs optimization), concept by Petja Evlogieva


- highpoly speed-sculpt I did over a weekend

Sanguine Axe

- another highpoly sculpt I did over a weekend, concept by Alex Jerjomin

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