The Red Moon
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The Red Moon

by DaikFX on 4 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Hi, I'm a beginner in Houdini and I feel like those projects are the best to step up. I wan't to step up, so here I am.

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Update - 8 Feb 2021

Hey ! So today I did a test render of the first few frames I have. There's a lot of issues I'm going to correct, but it was a great thing to do this little render because it gave me an overall idea of the render time I'll have. And it's pretty big actually. This is all I've been able to render in one night. Optimization is not my strongest point haha

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Update - 4 Feb 2021

Hey ! Here I go with a more recent update. I've been working on my RBD sim a lot, had hundreds of issues, but I learnt so much ! And that's what I was looking for entering the contest. So I'm pretty happy so far! I'm currently working on the different particles sim I'll need to source my density.  See you soon :) 

Update - 2 Feb 2021

I have a strong reference shot that I'd like to match and tweaking a little bit. 

This is a mars environment picked up on Watchmen. I liked the movie, and I absolutely love this shot. The volumetric looks super cool, the Hero asset is really interesting and the character looks super powerful. My Cyborg will not be Dr Manhattan, don't get me wrong, but my environment and the general mood should be as close as possible, If I'm able to do that. 

I started by creating a fog and a particle sim on the ground, to create a strong wind, so that the fight looks even more epic. I was tweaking the different values to see what results I could get, and then I realised it should collide with the rocks that are thrown out of the ground, so I kind of left them on stand by for now.

So after that I've been working on those famous rocks. It's the first time I do RBDs, and I had a very hard time with it to be honnest. I think I tried sourcing my fragments by 4 or 5 different ways, but the one with which I had the best results was the Voronoi fracture. 

I'm going to do a secondary RBD pass based on my first rbd sim. So I spent a lot of time tweaking the timings and the constraints of this first RBD sim. For now I have something like 800 pcs on this sim, and this should get up to.. a lot. 

See you soon for more updates !