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Fighting in the rain
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Fighting in the rain

by Alanf on 30 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Hi, I m junior Fx Artist . This is my first participation on a contest . I am here to challenge myself and learn new things. For my project, I try to deal with a dark universe, in the rain. I'll try to make the Hydralisk slimy and cold. As for the cybord, it will bring warmth and purity.

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Update - 14 Apr 2021

This is my last entry. I didn't have time to render all the effects, so the smokes are missing. The quality is low too. I'm disappointed, but I'll do a better render for my showreel later. It was a good experience, thanks to the Rookies and Rebelway.

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Update - 2 Apr 2021

My last effect for the rookies challenge, I'm currently rendering cam3 with these effects. I hope I'll have time to render the whole sequence ( cam1,2,3) in time. It was very hard to keep the timing with my work at nwaveDigital on the side. See you on April 15th!

Update - 5 Mar 2021

Flipbook of the Cross shield , it will be light emissive in render 

Update - 5 Mar 2021

This is a flipbook of the first part of the project. I need to improve the interaction between the mud and the floor. The dissipation of the smoke is too short, and disappear suddenly.  

Update - 30 Jan 2021

Hi, for my first post would like to share a part of the storyboard of my project.

I started to work with houdini, I will post flipbooks in ~15 days.