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David Spencer Echterhagen
by DavidEchterhagen on 26 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Figuring out a basic story, which effects I want to do based on the story and making a rough time-plan that guides me while I am working on the Project.

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Update - 25 Feb 2021

Main RBD sim
The goal was to setup a relative low res RBD simulation with constraints to achieve the main behavior. For fast feedback i used Voronoi for fracturing and simple clustered glue constraints. Beforehand I defined a fracture-area via SOP solver and attribute transfer, to only fracture the ground where i need to. I applied the same technique to activate the pieces to further reduce sim time.
Sim time was 2h for 625 frames

Upres RBD simulation
The goal was to aply a second fracture, but only on the pieces that area actually moving and on those that are not extremely smale. This time however i used boolean to enhance the look of the pieces and create a greater variety between big and small pieces. Also i was not using any constraints as we got the main behavior from the first simulation More constraints would only drastically increase sim time! The pieces i didnt use i included as colliders

RBD Particle Debris
I used particles to further enhance the simulation adding extra secondary details to the sim. For emitting particles i used three separate emitter. 
One was based on pure speed
One on speed and collisions between pieces and the ground 
And one based on speed and disconnection between pieces

RBD Dust
Adding a layer of dust, which gets emitted from the pieces that are moving, just disconnected and on the pieces where the velocity vectors and normal vectors have a dot-product value higher than -.5. From the final points i create lines to get better emission trails. Based on the lines i rasteries a vel and density volume.

For all the previous simulations i created a "air-field" that simulates a wind-field created by the Hydralisk movement since it is so massive. And also a "scream-field" that simulates another wind-field created by the scream of the Hydralisk

For the air-field i just filled a empty container with a density volume. no buoyancy, no gravity and just added the Hydralisk as Collider ("Volume source" for maximum controllability of the collision strength) 

For the scream field i did the same but instead of the collision i sourced a pump volume into the sim, which i created based on a shrink-wrap around the creatures tooth (also included the shield (for later FX) as collider )

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Update - 26 Jan 2021

My first step (as suggested by Steven) is to figure out a story, to make the hole project more interesting. The Story helps me deciding which effects make sense to support the story and which don't. (This does by no means has to be Hollywood material, just something. Doing this often forces me to do effects that i otherwise would never thought about, which helps me push my boundary's)
I quite liked the idea from Steven with Fire n Ice, but i switched the roles (Character is ice-guy and the creature is fire).
The Creature in my story is the evil villain (which i think fire does represent better than ice). The Creature guards "The Heart of Ice", which is a artifact that has the potential to turn the entire planet into ice.
The artifact once belonged to the native ice people, but the creature stole it from them, because it was unable to use its fire abilities on an ice-planet, plus it is like a dragon, it likes shiny stuff. After the artifact was gone from their village all ice people, but our main character (because he has special abilities), turned into stone. 
Now he has to fight the creature in order to save his people and claim what ones belonged to him and his people.

My second step is figuring out each Step/Simulation that needs to be done and finding reference(s) for every single one showcasing the basic idea. This way I can set myself deadlines for each effect to better plan the project and see how i am doing time wise down the line. (i call this my time - calendar)

I can also decide which Steps/Simulations are "nice to have" and which are definitely necessary. When I have this figured out I start with the ones that are necessary, making sure that i am in my previously figured out time-calendar, and than depending on how i am doing/how much time is left i am doing the "nice to have" ones. 

This is my List of "Nice to have" and necessary tasks
Nice to have:
- decloak 
- fire on the creatures body
- burning eyes
- shield
- The entire last shots, where the ice guy forms and shots the icicles on the creature (This might seam weird, but I am not required to render the hole Sequence. This does not mean that i dont want to, but rather that i am already starting 1 1/2 months into the Challenge and there is a lot to do)

- Heart of Ice
- Ground Destruction
- Sweep ground destruction
- Claw hit ground destruction
- Icicle Growth

On all the Necessary Tasks i will do simple draw overs tomorrow, to better illustrate my ideas, while also thinking about colors, sizes and shapes. Once i have this done i will further look at References (if needed) and start doing rnd, one task at a time.