Mutant Snake
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Mutant Snake

by seifer6993 on 20 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

FX Challenge 2020

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Update - 10 Feb 2021

This is the first test with materials, work in progress

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Update - 6 Feb 2021

Update - 31 Jan 2021

I was working on the first 90 frames of this challenge. This sim is in low res.

A little video about this effect

Update - 20 Jan 2021

I'm just a student of Fx, but I have decided to participate in this challenge because it is the best way to learn.

My first post for this challenge is this concept art. Mostly I have focused on the ground and later on i will focus on the monster and the human.

This is my first idea, maybe in the future it will change.

I hope you like it.