Rebelway Contest - Life vs Darkness
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Rebelway Contest - Life vs Darkness

by ipruzafa on 18 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Hi everyone! This is my first time here and I hope you like my work.

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Update - 10 Feb 2021

Shield Test

This the first test I make for my shield effect. I added a few changes in Nuke to the pops to make them brighter and see how they would look like. Of course there will still be more changes to this.

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Update - 18 Jan 2021

 I've been doing some brainstorming and I've decided to create a scene about Life and Darkness. The monster is a representation of the darkness and the cyborg is a soldier that fights for all the living creatures and must protect them from this monster.

I imagine darkness as a black ocean, where no light can get in or out. So for this shot, I'm thinking about making the monster spit a black liquid to the cyborg. And for the cyborg, I got some inspiration from the anime Fate: Stay Night. I've been thinking about creating some effects based on animes so this is a perfect moment to do it. 

The first shield will be a mix between a traditional magical shield and Archer's shield from Fate, besides, it has a flower shape and flowers are a good representation of life.

Then the monster attackes with one of his arms and after making the powerful shield, our heroe will be a bit out of charge so he will create a simple shield to protect himself, but the monster will break it.

I think to make something like an infection of darkness to the ground when the monster hits it.

For the final shot, I want the cyborg to use all the energy inside him to fight the monster. So all the light will be moving to his heart when he creates his blast. I still haven't decided if that blast is going to be pure energy or fire or some particles. I'll keep testing and uploading here.