Old School Racer Kombi
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Old School Racer Kombi

The Kombi as an old school racing car; I enjoy watching F1 from time to time and I find the idea of a racing car Kombi quite funny and ironic, so here it is.

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Update - 12 Jan 2021

I made some changes that I thought improved the look; I made the roof a dark fabric material, like seen in some of the reference pictures, I changed the colour of the bumpers and started adding stickers and decals.

I gave every texture set a basic material and now I can start adding details like wear and tear, stickers etc. I'm especially happy with the chequered flag pattern on the curtains, I think it's a really nice touch.

Added a very basic base material to the outer body so I have something to work from.

The theme for my Kombi texture is the style of old school 80s/90s racing cars. I really like this aesthetic and I think it's quite funny to make the Kombi look like a classic racing car.

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