Grei´s Entry "Toy Kinda Look Kombi"
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Grei´s Entry "Toy Kinda Look Kombi"

Hi My name is Greivin Fernández, from Costa Rica. This is my first contest in The Rookies. My idea is to get a kind of toy look. Hope you like it.

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Update - 16 Jan 2021

Hello, I finally completed the final renderings of my proposal for the Kombi Challenge, I hope you like it!

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Update - 16 Jan 2021

Today is the last day of previews, until tomorrow for the final renders.

I worked the seats, keeping the base colors and adding details of dirt, wear and a minimum of rust.

I also finished the metal part of the side mirrors. Keeping the idea of ​​adding paint that has peeled off over time.

For the bumpers I added an extra detail using the Height to make it appear that the car suffered a hit at some point before.

For the badge I started from a gold material. Then I added the peeling paint that would have behind it and applied a wear on the edges. I finished by adding a bit of rust and a layer of dry powder for a more aesthetic effect.

Finally I added some missing details in other parts that were almost finished. I decided to break the glass of the left headlight to make that area more interesting, therefore it was necessary to add a slight bump to the front bumper and the bodywork.

And this is how the version looks before rendering. I would have liked to have more time, but that's the way things turned out and I really enjoyed this week's work. I hope these competitions continue to be presented at The Rookies because I had a great time.

Update - 15 Jan 2021

Today I worked on finishing the car lights, along with the metals.

The idea was to give it this sense that at some point in their existence they were hand painted and peeled off over time.

To which I also decided to add details of use to the surface.

Finally I added some minimal details to the height of the surface.

By some point in the day, the Kombi already looked this way. I did some little tests to verify that the transparencies were adequate and work with the lights.

The idea is to simulate night lighting with the HDRI, where we can see the Kombi in a background that resembles a photographic situation and gives it this toy air.

Then I worked on the interior metals. I applied a default Substance material to it and copied the paint material I have worked with previously. I didn't get too complicated on this part of the texturing.

I worked the inside of the mirror from scratch. I applied a very reflective fill with a purple hue because I like that color, plus it is the same as the one I used for the headlights. In another layer I applied a fill for the dirt on the edge, another for the scratches of the mirror and finally another for the dust on the surface.

The metal part still needs to be textured.

For the car license plate, I started creating a material with color, reflection and metal. Then I applied a fill with a texture that simulates a scratched surface. Then I applied a coat of rust and adjusted the settings to my preference. I added a border of a blue tone and to this part I added a little dust to the edges. Finally I created an art in Photoshop which I applied as a Height mask for the art of the car plate, and using an anchor point I completed the material by applying a layer of dirt on the edge and on some letters.

To end my work day, I took it upon myself to texturize the rubbers.

I used a standard material from Substance, if I don't remember the Rubber Dry. Then I applied the paint material that I have worked previously, always pretending that it was painted by hand with "human errors" in the brush. Then I applied a mask to simulate the wear and tear of the paint over time.

Tomorrow I hope to finish what remains to be able to get the renderings.

Update - 13 Jan 2021

Today I worked on the tires, I sought to achieve a toy realism effect, therefore the base material of the rim is plastic, which I combined with rubber.

I relied on the anchor points for a better result once I applied the layers of dirt and wear. The rims are not metal, instead I applied a plastic shader to them and made a mask simulating some hits on the surface of the rims.

Then I worked on the headlights of the Kombi. I wanted to vary the texture to give it a different aesthetic, for that reason I added two different surfaces and applied a gold detail to complement it.

Tomorrow I will continue polishing the details of the Kombi metals and it seems that if I will have time to finish the competition, hopefully. 

Update - 12 Jan 2021

Today I started with working the glass windows.

Added some details of dust to the occlusion of the edges, some minor scratches and ended with a material that emulates plastic look, added some cool details to the height and normal of the window to give it a different look than a regular window.

Then I added some details of paint to the hinges, following the same process for the basic shape of the Kombi.

I worked on the curtains, added some minor dust between the folds and a little wear.

Finally, the tires. Went for a titanium material to the base, added some dust to the edges and a lot of scratches because well, is "a toy". Then added some height details to the tire and rings, including the logo.

Tires are not finished yet, but its time to sleep, will finish those tomorrow :)

Update - 10 Jan 2021

Ok. Paint is done for the main shape of the Kombi. 

Added  small details to make it more realistic, there`s dust, grain, rust of course and some minor details to the height layer. 

Will continue with next parts now.

Update - 10 Jan 2021

I`ve  started by adding a rust layer that its gonna be behind the paint, then added some dirt to it.

After that I proceeded with the paint, making sure adding enough manual details to some borders.

Liked how paint ended up with a height detail so It looks like an actual layer of paint.

Also added some minor details to the surface to make it sure like theres imperfections on it.

Now Im going to continue adding some other details to the paint layer, like some minor scratches and some edge wear and dust.

Update - 9 Jan 2021

I have started by baking mesh Maps.

Those are the parameters that I have decided to use.

Baking process took forever because my system is not so powerfull.

Those are the result that I got at the end, looks fine.

Now I will continue adding the base paint.

Update - 9 Jan 2021

Ok, gonna try to complete this challenge in this remaining 8 days now that have some spare time, or at least gonna try to get to a decent point :S

My idea is to create a kind of "Toy Look" to the Kombi Model provided.

I will start by creating a PureRef with the main idea. I think its gonna have a hand painted brush at the end, and I´ll  make some layers of rust, dust, dirt, scratches. 

Im still not quite sure about the color, but not a problem right now. 

Tires are going to have this kind of painted brush but not to much, the idea is to get a balance between the toy look and the real look.

Lets see how this goes!