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The aberration
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The aberration

by paolopreziuso on 6 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

I've been studying FX in the last year, spending most of my spare time and this challenge is an awesome chance to experiment and play with what I've learned! So thanks to Rebelway and TheRookies and good luck to all the partecipants, but, must of all, have fun!

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Update - 18 Jan 2021

Here's a quick lightweight sim to try and get the consistency I wanted for the mud through which the Ankheg will be burst out.

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Update - 14 Jan 2021

First layer for the ankheg coming out from the ground

Update - 6 Jan 2021


When I first saw the animation it reminded me of a scene in a DnD campaign I'm having with my friends, so my intent is to recreate that scene.

The beast will be a sort of Ankheg, an aberration that travels underground and attacks with its mighty claws and spitting a toxic acid.

The cyborg will be a wizard, it will attack the beast with a fireball and defend itself with sort of lava gauntlet growing out of its arm.

The battle ground is a muddy terrain with polls and the Ankheg will come out from underneath one of those.