The Monster of the Underworld
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The Monster of the Underworld

by duckgon on 16 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

A battle between a Scorching Magma Monster and an Icy Hero that takes place in a Birch Forest.

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Update - 13 Jan 2021

I created different layers of soil and combined them together. And after making several tweaks on fracturing and constraints, I came up with this result.

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Update - 1 Jan 2021

Using Blender's Grease Pencil, I've added some 2d animation FX. This will be used as a Timing Reference for the Real FX.

Update - 1 Jan 2021

These are some Color Thumbnails that I have completed. 

A big goal I wanted to focus on was the dramatic entrance of the Monster and the shift of colors of the environment. (Similar in the Disney Movie Moana, Where Ti Fiti emerges from the ground.)

For the FX, I wanted to focus on 4 Main Effects:  Lava, Smoke, Lightning, and Ice

while maintaining a clear silhouette for each of the characters.

Update - 1 Jan 2021

For this project, I wanted to collect as many references as possible. My main inspiration comes from the movie Moana, since it has vibrant colors and great looking effects.