Old Stickered Surfing Kombi
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Old Stickered Surfing Kombi

Inspired by a personal love of surfing, this campervan is bold and a little outdated but well-loved by its owners, who use it for their surfing business.

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Update - 16 Jan 2021

Final render of the campervan, where I added a few extra stickers and reworked the dirt one final time. I'm so pleased with how it turned out, this is my most complex texturing challenge to date by far and I learned so much. 

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Update - 15 Jan 2021

Update - 15 Jan 2021

I designed all of these stickers in Photoshop, referencing lots of common surfing tropes as well as some of my own personal experiences. I also explored a range of styles, from the very kitsch to the grimy noughties, and wasn't afraid that many weren't my style or look very professional, because I was aiming for a mismatched, dated feel.

For the campervan, I worked on the curtains, the dirt distribution on the windows and paintwork, and also the front and rear headlights, trying to make them more authentic to the traditional campervan.

Update - 12 Jan 2021

I changed the colour of the van, added ambient occlusion dirt, changed the dirt on the windows and reduced the chips and scratches in the paintwork. I wanted the campervan to look a little worn, but not filthy - more old but looked-after. 

I also developed the logo for the side (see below) and applied this as well as the number plate. I'm hoping to add many more stickers and decals to the sides and back of the van, as well as further improve the dirt and wear on the windows and paintwork.

Update - 30 Dec 2020

Initial texturing, laying down some base materials as a base for the decals and more individual elements of the campervan.

Update - 29 Dec 2020

I began with a moodboard of other campervans to get me inspired, and then drew out a rough concept art. However, I am aiming for the final campervan to be far more covered in stickers and dirt and have a much more chaotic feel.