Rebelway FX Challenge - Terry Sanger
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Rebelway FX Challenge - Terry Sanger

by terrysanger on 14 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

I have been doing 3D and learning Visual Effects for a couple of years now, All in my spare time, as I have a full time job (non 3D related ), started using 3dsMax TP/Fume, then moved to Houdini as you don't need loads of plug ins, I am ready to try the challenge.

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Update - 21 Jan 2021

Update #4, this time I have refined the most of the effects, next i will work on dust/debris and the energy shot.

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Update - 14 Jan 2021

Hi, another update this time refined the destruction (a bit), also added grains, and worked on adding the magic to the shield and electrical parts, and started to work on the main magic part.

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Update - 4 Jan 2021

My latest update, working on the shield FX, and impacts, aim it to get a base idea down, then I can start to refine and improve.

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Update - 26 Dec 2020

My Entry for the Rebelway FX Challenge.

This was my first base Previz, to get the basic idea and timings.

This section, I started to lay down some base RBD and Pyro, to establish if I like the idea of fire.