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by anthocrea17 on 3 Jan 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

Hi Everyone, i'm super exited to work on this super cool project launched by Rebelway's team. I will try to do my best and hope you guys you will like it my work in step by step. And good luck for my other colleagues which work on this same project. ;)

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Update - 9 Jan 2021

I did some test on these different effects. I combined with contact sheet in NukeX. I'm trying to have a good effect to match with my reference i published before. 

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Update - 7 Jan 2021

Hi Guys this is my final result for this first shot. Obviously i will continu to post my progress hoping to finish this cool challenge.  Hope you will like it. I composited my passes with Nuke and i decided to added a little light on cyborg i wanted an interesting look for this shot. 

Update - 29 Dec 2020

Some test with lighting to match with my reference. Blender EVEE 2.82

Update - 3 Jan 2021

update v002 with good size of particles this time Houdini particles. Simple pop grain, pop color, popnet. 

Update - 2 Jan 2021

Stil in improvement here. Try to match compo between Blender and Houdini Render pass. 

Update - 30 Dec 2020

Improvement here, the idea is the Monster go out trhough the sand. Obviously i have to reduce the size of my particles which sound like small ball for the moment. But its just my first test. 

The idea is to have my sand of this color. To imagine how my environment will be. 

Update - 22 Dec 2020

On the right this is what i'm thinking for the picture on the left. I think it's the perfect match to do this. On my next work, i'll try to do this super cool effect. I'm seeing sparks, maybe vellum for sure, little particles, light effects, beautiful compositing with some blur. ;) 

Update - 22 Dec 2020

I'm going to use this Shield ref. Trying to make the same of course. Lot of work on this, like blur particle velocity, particles in, and out, double sphere lighting bright smooth etc.. That's the idea. 

Update - 22 Dec 2020

I want something Cool like this for my environment. Something scarying and beautiful in same time. 

These pictures going to help me for my environment lighting. I think it's important to think how your scene will look like.  And on these there, i would like something intriguing, mysterious and scarying. These lights bring out the ones I'm thinking about.