Rebelway vfx challenge
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Rebelway vfx challenge

by soilahoudine on 7 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

I will be using houdini , After Effect for Comp

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Update - 27 Feb 2021

Tried a different final attack, this time it's an explosion inspired by  I'm still working on it. sim size 39gb. I dont know if I'm going to keep the explosion or use the lightning blast attack/ 


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Update - 21 Feb 2021

First final version

Update - 19 Feb 2021

New update I will try to add rbd + characters later

Update - 18 Feb 2021

Some tests I did for the final attack. I want to create an explosion similar to Doomsday attack in batman vs superman.

Update - 17 Feb 2021

Hello this is my latest update. I added the second bubble barrier and an explosion. I also added smoke, sparks, ember to the scene. Everything was rendered at 16 samples on my laptop.  I had to resimulate the explosion because the first version had a glitch at the end. 

  I uploaded the final result in high definition on mega. Please follow this link to download the video :

These are tests and breakdowns for the particles and explosion. Youtube compress the video in a weird way it looks very bad.

Update - 12 Feb 2021

some tests, I don't like the result  

Update - 10 Feb 2021

Testing different variations, my favorite version is the one when the energy is mixed with nebula, it's unique, it's beautiful, it reminds me of the 2 aliens who can change to ebulae galaxy whenever they want  in the movie  men in black 

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Update - 10 Feb 2021

My simulatioons. I always make sure to not go beyond 100k voxel to keep the sims size below 5gb. I'm currently working on the explosion, and if I have enough time I would like to create an intergalactic final  kamehameha 

Update - 9 Feb 2021

I have to give attribution to all the elements I didnt create so this is where I got to the background sky:

Update - 7 Feb 2021

Test render for the bubble barieer + spark and the hero energy shader

Update - 23 Jan 2021

First video render + bubbles protection inspired by cesar from jojo bizarre

Update - 18 Jan 2021

First render test with environment shader + lighting + charachter shading

Update - 31 Dec 2020

the hero attacks and powers will be based on cesar attacks such as "Hamon cutter"

Update - 27 Dec 2020

simulated and finsihed all the details for the flame

Update - 22 Dec 2020

I simulated and renderered the flame that will come out of the monster's mouth

Update - 21 Dec 2020

ok so today I worked on the fire and smoke simulation in houdini. this is a test render. I also worked on the mountain and landscape shading and lighting. however the simulation are taking too much space I need to find a way to change that.

Update - 19 Dec 2020

story : this is a fight that will take on another planet : Saturne. So I will try to make the landscape look interstellar

Update - 19 Dec 2020

this is what it looks like in the viewport I m having problems aligning cameras

Update - 18 Dec 2020

Rebelway vfx contest