Desert fight
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Desert fight

by RubenGo on 29 Dec 2020 for Rebelway FX Challenge

My name is Rubén, I try to make a place for myself in the audiovisual industry. I would like to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. PS: sorry for my bad english.

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Update - 12 Jan 2021


Well, yes...more hexagons.

I guess I'm a little chaotic. I try to organise myself.

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Update - 11 Jan 2021

Some cyborg tests

Update - 29 Dec 2020

After some tests with only grains, I realized that that was not what I looked for. I needed references. Above all, the appearance of a rocky desert, and how it breaks. Some videos of industrial explosives works fine for this.

RBD test

Constraints configuration


The RBD sim takes care of to emit the particles for grains simulation.

To interact with Grains sim, I cached the RBD sim in VDB format.

And here is the final result.

Update - 17 Dec 2020

Before continue adding entries, I think I should explain where this project is going. I'm going to get as close as possible to one of the 3 concepts provided, in principle we should adjust to a production environment.

WARNING: I have never worked in VFX. The steps I detail below are probably not the right ones. This is my vision of how it can be done, nothing else.