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Intro of characters
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Intro of characters

by Tajin on 15 Mar 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

The idea is using a portal for a dramatic intro for the hero. 72 first FRAMES And Intro for the beast with a teletransport sphere, inspired from doomsday nuke and The terminator teletransport. Frame 120

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Update - 15 Apr 2021

wwooppsss! think I´m not gonna make it

Almost 20 hrs of rendering :D for 150 frames

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Update - 29 Mar 2021

This is only one frame, frame #78 when the thunderbolt gets wider and the teletransport effect for the hydralisk comes up. Of course is all before comp, even before render the frame range. All these covers until frame 120 by the moment.

Update - 21 Mar 2021

Continue with intro for the Characters.

Update - 16 Mar 2021

Update - 15 Mar 2021

This is the intro for the beast, inmediatly after the portal of the hero. For this FX, got the Idea of a sphere and rays of a mix between "Terminator teletransport FX" and "Doomsday nuke fx" in Batman v Superman. It is gonna be hard, but lets see what comes out of this.

Update - 14 Mar 2021

Update - 28 Feb 2021

Update - 17 Dec 2020

Testing the idea of an open portal, as and intro for the character.