Rebelway FX Challenge
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Rebelway FX Challenge

by EKing on 11 Feb 2021 for Rebelway FX Challenge

I'm using Houdini for this challenge.

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Update - 15 Apr 2021

It was a shame that with render time constraints I was unable to render the lighting I did as part of the animation and had to leave it as still images, I had a lot of fun with this challenge though. Glad I got to be a part of it.

Final version re-linked with the logo (thank you so much valecosta!!!!)

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Update - 11 Apr 2021

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Update - 27 Mar 2021

To create a sparking lightning look I looped over the geometry multiple times to give it more of an electric feel

Update - 27 Mar 2021

Forgot to upload earlier but I've fixed a lot of issues with the cloth that was making it look stretchy, more like vinyl than fabric but I'm happy with the current settings.

I had to go through a few different methods to get this looking good. I really wanted to do something with vellum but nothing I tried ended up looking how I wanted it to. After a bunch of messing I decided I really liked the kind of look that the 'find shortest path' node created and with some tweaking of the initial cost attribute was able to create something I loved the look of.

Update - 11 Feb 2021

Working on the ground destruction a bit more, I think I need to work on some secondary fracturing and lessen the density of the smoke.

I also added a proper shader for the cloth sim as well as procedural stitching on the seams. An arguably unnecessary detail but was a lot of fun to build.

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Update - 20 Jan 2021

I'm really enjoying working on this block effect, hoping to get a cool way of breaking off the hydralisks claw working next

Update - 8 Jan 2021

Testing out some ideas for the block effect, a few things I'm not keen on and definitely plan on refining.

Update - 16 Dec 2020