Sustainable utopic future - kombi design
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Sustainable utopic future - kombi design

The Rookies Substance Texturing Challenge - Kombi Entry by Álvaro Martínez Cordones. Theme: Sustainable utopic future Model by Christina Ryan

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Update - 15 Jan 2021

-15th January update-

Here's a surprise update. Did some minor changes, exported images for web with the proper logo and tried to fit the required render cameras for the final entry (couldnt find the preset cameras in Substance so tried to match the pictures in the entry page.

This is the last update and my final entry for the contest. I hope you like it!

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Update - 10 Jan 2021

-10th Janury update-

So heres the final entry!

Added very custom or special textures like the ad or the number plate as well as added a little bit of dirt. Some of the latest renders dont have the "The Rookies" logo since the image with the isotype weighs more than 5mbs.

Update - 9 Jan 2021

-9 January update-

Been working on details and overall concept. Added more grass to put more effort on sustainability and technological door openers to add. Its getting closer to the final entry!

Update - 28 Dec 2020

-27th December update-

Hello everyone. Been digging more into the final design and started adding key elements for it. I put more focus on providing vintage - retro futuristic vibes. Will keep showing more of this adventurous design. Stay tuned! 

Update - 20 Dec 2020

-20 December Update-

Been working on the roof of the van. This time Im adding solar panels amidst the grass to emphasize on the sustainability.

While exploring on the possibilities and the concept itself I've decided to make some changes compared to the original design. Will be slowly working on these changes and reporting them weekly.   

Update - 13 Dec 2020

Welcome to my entry for the kombi texturing contest. The theme I have chosen for my kombi is "sustainable and utopic future". This is inspired by the bright yet elegant and electryfing colours this theme has to offer along mid-century designs so the kombi shows future in a fun way.

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