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Future Ship Kombi
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Future Ship Kombi

The Rookies Substance Texturing Challenge - Kombi Entry by Sisco Garrido Model by Christina Ryan

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Update - 16 Jan 2021

Final renderings for the contest

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Update - 10 Jan 2021

Update - 8 Jan 2021

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Update - 8 Jan 2021

Update - 28 Dec 2020

I have adapted the dark color of the Combi to that of the reference boat, which has ornamentation for a greater contrast and better finish.

Update - 28 Dec 2020

The ornamentations have the same color as the reference, the material instead of wood is metal

Update - 27 Dec 2020

Update - 13 Dec 2020

My idea is to recreate, as we can see below, a kombi with a futuristic pleasure boat style, hence its seats, which is powered by ionic engines and it has reliefs on the stern and prow as pirate ships and caravels.

In conclusion a different way of approaching this objective.