Gilligan's Combi Van
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Gilligan's Combi Van

This is my interpretation of what it might have looked like had the castaways from Gilligan's Island discovered a combi van upon being shipwrecked on the island..

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Update - 10 Dec 2020

Another work in progress. changed the windows and did a bit more work on the interior etc.

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Update - 10 Dec 2020

An early work in progress render

Update - 10 Dec 2020

It's summer where I live (Australia), so i've decided to go with a tropical island theme for my entry.

 Specifically, i'm imagining if the castaways from Gilligan's Island had discovered a combi van when they were shipwrecked on the island.

I've only just started on texturing  and will post work in progress render later on this evening, in the meantime here is the moodboard for my entry.