Volkswagen Kombi
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Volkswagen Kombi

My entry is a slightly rusty 1964 Volkswagen T1 in brown.

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Update - 14 Jan 2021

This is my final update.

For this last update, I tweaked the overall roughness, used smudges to break up the soft dirt on the front and the back, and reduced the dirt around the VW logo and underneath the roof. I also faded the stickers, removed the tree sticker, and replaced one with glue residue.

This challenge really helped me push my texturing skills towards photorealism and it was quite fun to explore different ways to create realistic-looking dirt/rust buildup.

Here's the progress for the stickers:

And here's the progress from my first update to the last:

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Update - 5 Jan 2021

I added dirt splashes around the fenders (only a little, since the car hasn't been driven in a while), some small stains on the roof to break up the roughness, tweaked the roughness on the hub caps, and added details to the backlights.

I plan on tweaking the rim material and probably some other areas.
I might make some changes to the stickers on the back window because I'm not sure if I'm 100% satisfied with them. They don't seem to fit the overall style of the van.

Here is the progress so far:
(Note that the last two renders are the same, only with different HDRs.)

Update - 1 Jan 2021

This is just a small update.
I added dirt on rims, the VW logo on the back, some really subtle scratches, and stickers on the back window.
I also refined the roughness of the glass and added emissivity to the lights.
While I was looking for some sticker inspiration online, I came up with a little story for my project: This van belongs to someone who used to travel a lot, but recently they didn't have time for that. That's why the country stickers are more faded and dirty.

I plan on adding dirt splashes, stains on the roof, and more detail to the backlights. 

Here is the progress so far:

Update - 16 Dec 2020

Since the last update, I added overall dirt and roughness variation, rust on the bumpers, dirt leaks around the vents, VW symbol, etc., and windscreen wiper marks, which I still have to tweak a bit.
I also added some dents to the outer body, which I find really helps to add to the realism. 
And lastly, I added the license plate texture and windows in the roof.

I plan on adding details to the rims, dirt splashes around the fenders, overall scratches and imperfections, and some more stains on the roof.

I'm still not sure which HDR I'm going to use. Right now I'm leaning towards "Tocomo Studio" (the one on the right).

some close-ups:

Here is the progress so far:

Update - 4 Dec 2020

My goal for this contest is to create a realistic-looking, slightly rusty Kombi.

I started by creating the main textures like chrome, car paint, glass, fabric, and rubber.

I plan on adding rust, grunge, etc. to make the van look used but relatively well kept.