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Kombi Plush Toy

Plush toy kombi.

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Update - 14 Jan 2021

The previous renders had normal intensity issues, I had to adjust some properties there to get a normal render with out too much post processing. For that I went back into substance designer and exposed more intensity  values along with the fabric surface variations. I did those before but I've managed to get even more attributes exposed for more freedom. Later on in Painter I amped all those and just reduced the normal intensity so I can fix the previous issues I had. By doing that, the wrinkles I painted are now more pronounced and not disrupted  by the overlaying harsh normal values. I've also replaced the built in Velvet Shader by the normal PBR metallic roughness with alpha (so i can play with the windows opacity to show the curtain textures) and since I've already used variations to the velvet normals in substance designer, I can now fake sheen. 

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Update - 10 Jan 2021

Detailing and final look development


Looking up for a basic toy tag, added it on top of the velvet with a bit more displacement.

Final Look developments

I might have fixed the previous issue with the sheen visibility in IRay. I think the problem was with the normals having high intensity value and light couldn't interact well with the surface. Since the normals being reduced could cause a flat look, I used a higher environment exposure value, and since it'll be affecting the white (not so white) parts on the texure, I've reduced their color value so they won't appear blown out.

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Update - 8 Jan 2021

Texture Creation and Color selection

Texture creation

I used substance designer to create the velvet and puffy fabric. To go along with the design I've created cute patterns and tiled them across the texture.

I've exposed parameters such as pattern types, velvet surface details and color. So once I've published this to Painter, I can tweak these details. 

Wrinkle Height Painting

Color Selection and Testing SBSAR

I've tested few paintings for bite marks, I just assumed this cute toy would end up being bit by a kid somehow.


None of these effects can be applied in Iray. When I switch to Iray, besides crashing because of workbench limitations, the sheen doesn't appear there. I'm already on Velvet shader material preset and it should have stayed the same. What should I check before moving to Iray? 

Update - 1 Dec 2020

Gathering more references

I've gathered a reference that could help me see how colors and seams are combined across an actual toy, to recreate on this model. I've understood, no matter how vibrant the theme is, the bigger the toys the more monochrome color scheme they use(as seen from the references on the previous references) with very few other fabrics blending in (reference from my first update). This, of course, might not hold true for every toy but I've currently decided that this is a safe way to go about coloring the model. 

Testing the two main fabric variations in Substance Designer

As you can see I've got the base normal map and surface variation down for both fabrics, all I'll be doing the next few days or weeks is creating variations of height and colors, exposing parameters to adjust in Substance Painter and I'll be doing this even after painting started as often as variation is required.

Update - 29 Nov 2020

Velvet Kombi Toy

Gathered References

I'll be going for a pillow side Kombi. I'm planning on creating the maps in substance designer with variations of either fabic,color or pattern. I'll learn how i can export and have a much accurate and efficient exposed parameters to create beautiful variations. Wish me luck!!