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Activist's Abandoned Hippy Van
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Activist's Abandoned Hippy Van

My van idea is to encompass the real life events which hippies of this era lived through. I hope to include motifs of these events in the hippy art aesthetic in a collage style. I also want to make it look abandoned though, so I will be adding a lot of wear and tear and rust.

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Update - 17 Dec 2020

I really enjoyed the vibrant colours of this stamp. Marsha P. Johnson was so beautiful! I have 2 more to make now. I think the next one's will be more generic of protesting and anti violence

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Update - 16 Dec 2020

I've started to create stamps in Photoshop, this one is Angela Davis and next I'm going to create one of Martha P Johnson. I think this workflow will be the best way to do things as I can create each portrait with details in Photoshop and perhaps leave the blocky colour below for Substance painter. I think it's going pretty well so far. I'd like to have all the graffiti and paint done by the end of this week and then next week I can do the final stage of wear and tear.

Update - 3 Dec 2020

I've created a base coat "fresh off the factory line" version of the Kombi. This is before it's been bought and graffitied with the murals. My next step will be to create some stamps in Photoshop which I'll then paint on the Kombi and I'll start grunging it up to show wear and tear from the owner who loved this vehicle.

I paint in my free time, but I'm not as confident painting in Photoshop as I am with real paint, so we'll see how this turns out. Another idea I have is to actually paint some stamps using gouache paint and then just make adjustments in Photoshop before importing into painter. I'll experiment with my ideas.

Update - 29 Nov 2020

My idea is to make a hippy van that was once loved and is now in the junkyard. I wanted to come up with a story for this van to help it stand out, so my van's previous owner is going to be a wannabe activist in their youth.

When I first saw the van I thought Woodstock. Then I looked up events that happened the same year as Woodstock. A lot of major events happened in this year and would have been very influential toa young person back then. Hippies considered their vans to be very important to them so I wanted this van to reflect these important events:

The moon landing, the Stonewall Uprising, protests of the Vietnam War, protests of Angela Davis' imprisonment, Woodstock and the surgence of the free love movement.

I also researched hippy art and iconography of these events. Whatever designs I come up with for the van, they need to be in keeping with the minimalist puffy, colourful aesthetic.

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