Sicilian Kombi - Texturing Challenge
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Sicilian Kombi - Texturing Challenge

Inspired by my land and the desire of bringing something unique, here is my Kombi for the Kombi texturing challenge. For details' lovers: the plate is referred to a linguistic code used in Palermo of modern "polite" lightness. For explanations: write to me in private ;-) or come to know Sicily ... in Kombi

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Update - 13 Jan 2021

These are the final renders for my Kombi Texturing challenge, hope you like it: I am looking forward to seeing your works, too!

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Update - 12 Jan 2021

Because of other projects and holidays I could return on this project only now
These are the new improvements to the texturing process

Update - 22 Nov 2020

First images for my WIP Kombi texturing challenge.

My Sicilian culture inspired me and because of this my goal is to make it like a "Carretto Siciliano".
It will be hard to join all the decorations togheter but I want to challenge myself in that

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