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Grimy Kombi

I am going for a worn looking van. I want it to have the appearance of a van that has been heavily used to go on countless road trips and adventures.

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Update - 6 Dec 2020

The final update!! I decided to not really go with adding stickers like I originally planned as it didn't seem to fit the overall look and concept. Instead I added two flowers on the left side. I hope you guys enjoy my design! I had a great time texturing this van! I can't wait for the next texturing contest. 

The flowers can be seen a little more clearly in this render!

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Update - 2 Dec 2020

For this update, I added in an HDR background. I was also working on texturing the rims, hubcaps, and VW logo. Not too happy with how the logo looks, so I'm going to go back and change it later on.

Update - 29 Nov 2020

As I said in my last update, I put some focus onto the bumpers. I also started to add some textures to the windows.

I added in a crack to the windshield as well.

Next update, I should have some stickers added to the outer body of the van. I'm making them myself so that they are hopefully a little bit more unique and more suited to my vision. 

Update - 25 Nov 2020

This update has a few changes to the design. First off, I changed how the dirt looks. I also added some different colored parts to either side so that it didn't look so uniform all around. Next, I'll be tweaking the wear on the outer body as well as giving some attention to the bumpers.

Update - 22 Nov 2020

Some reference photos. I knew right away that I wanted it to have a very used, sort of rusted look so I went and found some pictures to help me visualize that. I also knew that I wanted it to have a lot of stickers/hand painted designs on it. 

The first process shot. I am in the process of trying out different looks of sand and/or wornness. There will definitely be many more iterations to come.