Neoclassic VW Kombi - Racing Livery
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Neoclassic VW Kombi - Racing Livery

So my concept is to bring back the classic Kombi with a Neoclassic racing look. The livery i will attempt to do is inspired by Jagermeister racing livery that was used on Willi Bergmeister's VW Scirocco in 1977.

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Update - 27 Nov 2020

I'll Keep it short for this update. In this update, i finished adding all the decals.

I decided to go with clean looks, as i think a clean studio like render style would do best to present my design. Finally this is my final render for the contest.

So with this, i can say that i finished the challenge and will be waiting for the result. Thank you for this opportunity, I always feel great to learn a new skill and I'm pretty glad with my result considering this is my first time using substance painter. Thank you.

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Update - 23 Nov 2020

So in this update, i'm correcting how my overall texture look and finished all parts that need to be textured. First, I textured the rims and the tyre to match a reference that i took which is from an F1 tyre. I also adjust the scratches and grunges on the rims and tyre so it doesnt looks like a brand new installed wheels.

Next, I textured the window glasses with duotone color. I use probably around a 10% - 15% black tinted film glass for the back side of the glasses, and around 80% clear glass upfront. This make sense since the driver will need to see clearly upfront and doesnt really need to see through the back windows. Also I adjusted the green tint on the black body paint as it doesnt really show in my last update. Now, you can clearly see there's a green tint on the black part of the body.

In my previous update, I forgot to mention that I also textured the door handles with carbon fiber texture with gloss finish to match the side mirrors texture.

Next, I dark smoked the main headlamps to give the kombi a more racing look. Then, I cover the turn signal lamp with matte finished black cap as you wouldn't need turn signals on a racing car, and I'll stamp a decal later on the turn signal.

I did a test render, and this is how my overall progress looks like. Im liking it so far. Next up, I'll start adding decals.

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Update - 21 Nov 2020

So in today's update, i'll break it down to several progress i've done so far. First, i painted the outer body with a fresh clean color of orange and green tinted black as inspired from the bottle in my refboard.

Next i textured the hub with carbon fiber texture with matte finish and match the texture with the wheel cover in my refboard. i use matte finish on the carbon fiber because it is the most scratch resistant finish. It make sense because its placed on the wheels, which is one of the place that will get the most scratch and dirt in racing car. So for now i give some dirtiness, and i'll add the grunge and scratches later on.

Next, i also textured the side mirror with carbon fiber but i use gloss finish for the look and give a little dirtiness too. Usually car's side mirror use duotone texture, i'll give a reference down below. So i make the side mirror in a duotone with carbon fiber on the mirror housing, and matte black finish on the metal handle.

Next, i custom painted the VW logo with silver and gold finish. I also match the lamp housing's texture with the side mirror carbon fiber finish.

So by far, this is how my progress looks like in a test render. Also, i matched the front and back bumper texture with the side mirror handle's texture.

Update - 20 Nov 2020

So regarding the contest's rule stating that we may not use copyrighted brands, logos, etc. In this update i revised my 2D concept by replacing the copyrighted logos and brand that i used. I replaced them with my own designed logos and brands that are only meant to resemble the real logos and brand that i used before to avoid copyright infringement.

Update - 19 Nov 2020

This is my reference board that i created for my inspiration in this livery concept

This is my 2D concept that i create in photoshop of the inspired livery that i'll apply to the VW Kombi.