Kombi Horror van
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Kombi Horror van

This is my Kombi van texture challenge entry.

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Update - 23 Dec 2020

Final update 

Below I have added the four required renders for this Kombi texture challenge. These are the best renders I could get with my laptop while using Iray. I feel the final result is good and I am mostly proud of learning some new techniques within Substance Painter. 

Below I have also added another render based off of my own camera. 

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Update - 9 Dec 2020

I haven't updated this in a while as I have been working on some portfolio stuff but this texture challenge seems to be coming along nicely. The work people are putting out in this challenge is really exceptional and outstanding. 

I have worked on adding detail to the front and rear bumpers by adding some dark green to make it as if there are some grass stains. 

Update - 28 Nov 2020

I have been working on the seats, adding the claw marks gives the effect that's they have been scratched by some sort of creature (adding to the horror style). When looking at the whole model I may have to up the lighting to make the chairs more visible through the windows. I am happy with the progress I am making so far and learning different tools that I can use within Painter. 

Update - 23 Nov 2020

Seems that today the textures aren't loading well due to my computer. Substance has always run badly on my laptop but I will do the best I can to overcome this issue. 

Below I have added images of what I have managed to do with the model today. I have worked on the tires as well as the VW logo. With the tires, I wanted to add a layer of thick mud as well as some blood. As far as the VW logo I decided to go with a rustic look, I feel it conveys the style I am after with this challenge. 

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Update - 21 Nov 2020

I have added some blood detail to the curtains inside of the Kombi. I wanted to experiment with the Bullet effect that is in Substance Painter but It didn't seem to fit with the style as well as I thought. I feel I am making decent progress with this texture challenge, but on a good note, I have been learning more about Painter every time I use it. 

Update - 19 Nov 2020

Today I have been working on the rust details for the main body of the Kombi but also adding another level of horror with blood spewing out of the ven on the body and also handprints on the windows. I decided to add some prints on the windows that are larger than humans because I wanted to emphasise the style of horror. The larger handprints can indicate a creature has touched this vehicle. 

Update - 18 Nov 2020

Today my plan was to get the graffiti portion onto the Kombi. I decided to go into Krita and work on a free font I found online which represents old school graffiti art. I have adjusted the font to make it more the style I was after. Below I have added a quick render to show what it looks like on the Kombi van. 

To apply the graffiti text I just imported it as a png and Applied it using the paint tool. Going forward with the bodywork I plan to add some rust details so it looks like the paintwork is chipping off. To end off the progress I have also added the 'Glass visor' smart material and added Opacity to it to make the glass for the windows. The windows will be worked on in the next few days, where I will add finer details. 

This render is just a quick render so some noise can be seen and it is not a clean render. 

Update - 17 Nov 2020

I have started texturing the main bodywork of the Kombi van. Below I have added an image to show the progress of adding the dirt to the bodywork. This is not complete as I still need to work on adding smaller details such as the blood and the graffiti work. I plan to update this a few time every week to show my progress on the textures. 

Update - 17 Nov 2020

Hello, I'm Jack and this is the first challenge I have decided to enter with The Rookies. I am excited to work on this texture challenge and see if I can push myself to create some cool looking renders. I have started my journey to try and get into the industry as I have just finished my degree at the University of Worcester. This challenge came at a great time especially during lockdown, I am able to work on this challenge while also working on my portfolio. 

Above is a plan I have decided to make to detail and also guide me along with this challenge of texturing this awesome Kombi van model. As I love horror and am working on becoming a creature artist I had to go with a horror theme for this texturing challenge. I am rather new to Substance so I will do the best I can. 

Below I have also added a reference page which will help me alongside this plan page. All of the images found on the reference page were found on Pinterest.